Winter in Denver

A lot of people have ideas about what winter in Denver will look like.  A lot of the time that is snowy and cold all winter long.  Kind of far from the truth when it comes to what we actually see in Denver.

Winter in Denver

Winters in Denver can actually be quite mild. Our averages are in the 40’s and quite often we will see sunny days in the 60’s.  Now we do get snow and over the past 5 -6 years a professor of meteorology at Denver University has seen us getting bigger storms. However, our biggest snowfalls are outside of the usual times.  We see our first snow usually in October and it can snow here into May with some of our biggest snowfalls in March and April.

I can tell you we have seen some weird snow happenings in the past few years including a bomb cyclone and blizzard. I clearly remember driving on 25 to get to a real estate closing in the middle of that bomb cyclone. It was an interesting drive for sure.

What You Need for Winter in Denver

  • When it comes to clothing, layers will be your friend.  I hardly every wear my coat but I do like a good fleece layer or base layer if it is really cold outside.  I also like hats and gloves as a way to keep my whole body warmer without piling it with clothing and looking like the kid from Christmas Story.
  • If you are going to be a winter hiker you may want to get snow shoes or spikes for your shoes, especially if you will be up in the mountains as the snow does stay on the ground and ice often happens on the under layers.
  • Winter Tires, All Season Tires, SUV or AWD can all be handy in the winter weather when it comes to winter driving.
  •  The air is dry here so it is always nice to either have a whole house humidifier or humidifiers throughout the house.

For more information and talk on what winter in Denver is like check out my latest podcast episode below and always feel free to contact me with any questions if you are looking at Moving to Denver!