Why Would I Pay a Realtor?

March 15, 2019

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As technology changes, new cut-price agencies come rushing in and people feel they can do their own thing, why pay a realtor to help you buy or sell your home?

We often get asked this question from those looking to buy and sell and I get it! From the outside, it looks like we don’t do a whole lot other than turn up to grab a check at the end.  I want you to know that I understand this feeling but my tired eyes, study, and constant work tells me there is more to it than the public knows.

Why Would I Pay a Realtor?

Here are some of the things your realtor should be doing behind the scenes to give you the best service possible.  Also, remember we are one of those lucky few that only get paid once the deal closes. If we are showing you homes, listing your home, answering your questions and we don’t get to the closing table then we are doing this for free on our own time 🙂

Title Company Connection/Knowledge – To make sure you actually own the property when you buy it and that you are covered if 5 years later a contractor comes looking for money for something the previous owner did to the house, you need title coverage.  Your realtor makes sure the title is completed, delivered, that it is read by you and you understand what you are looking for. There can be some dodgy (Aussie word for sketchy) title companies out there that are fly by night, an experienced realtor will know who the good and not so good title companies are so your coverage is protected accordingly.

Financials – No we are not mortgage lenders but we definitely should know some good ones and have gleaned some information from these lenders.  We can advise you on the not what to do’s during the escrow period (time you are under contract) so you don’t ruin your chances of actually purchasing the home you want.

Dates and Deadlines – Missing a date or deadline can ruin a deal!!!  If you don’t have an inspection on time, you don’t put objections in on time, you don’t receive the correct documents on time and you miss those dates or deadlines then you may end up having to live with things including a home that you hate or are not happy with.

State Forms and Addendums – If you are thinking of buying or selling a home without a realtor you better know what those real estate forms mean and what you are filling out. Many a seller or buyer that has gone their own way has been duped by the person on the other side because they didn’t have a good or complete understanding of what something meant in the contracts.  As realtors, we are here to put contracts together, read them to make sure they are correct and there is nothing in there that takes advantage of our clients, explain what the contract means and clarify any questions you may have so you fully understand what you are signing.

Negotiations  – What you don’t see sometimes is your realtor negotiating behind the scenes before you even ask for something, let alone the things you do ask for. Keeping a positive relationship and lines of communications open with the other side of the deal is an important key in negotiating. Having a realtor that builds good relationships with others in the business can help when it comes to getting your offer accepted, help negotiate price, help negotiate inspections and appraisal issues.

Marketing – If you are listing your home you may feel like just throwing some pics up on Zillow will sell your home.  A good agent knows how to market your home so that you get the most money for your home possible.  Throwing some pics up on Zillow may work but the statistics show that for sale by owners make a lot less money then they would if they hired an agent, and yes this includes the commission you pay to have a realtor.  We are working behind the scenes putting together a professional marketing plan, contacting the agents we know, contacting people we know, running stats to list your home at a price that will sell it, getting it out on to every site possible on the web and making sure your home shows its best side when it enters the market!

Little Black Book – Realtors have resources!!!  Have a tax question, we know who to ask! Need a moving company, we know who the trustworthy ones are! Need a lawn guy, landscaper, fence repair, renovation specialist and anything else? We have a person for that and can save you hours searching on the internet for the right person.

This is just a tiny part of what a realtor will/or should do for you when buying and selling a home. We are here to help, here to facilitate, here to guide and here to smooth out the bumps!

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