Why Use a Realtor when Buying a New Build in Denver

November 27, 2018

As inventory stays relatively tight in the Denver area new homes can be a great avenue for homebuyers looking to buy in Denver and surrounding areas.  Before you head off to the sales office, it is a good idea to have a Professional Realtor working with you. More on that later. For now, let’s go over the benefits of purchasing a new home.

The Benefits of Purchasing a New Build Home


  • It’s New – Yep it’s true, one of the benefits of buying a new home is that it is new. I know who would have thought it. You get a new roof, new HVAC systems, new flooring, new plumbing and electric, the list goes on. Working with the right builder will make sure you don’t have to worry about replacing things in your home for quite a few years.
  • Its Your Home – When you pick a new home you get to have a say over the styling and extras that get placed inside your home. Be mindful that when a home starts at $350,000, that this is just your base price and anything you add or change may raise your monthly mortgage payment. With that in mind, you can decide whether you want to spend extra for those marble countertops or if the base model works for you, it’s your new home in Denver, and you get to choose.
  • Location – Many great new properties are being built in communities that have sought out excellent locations. This might be Reunion which is close to Denver International Airport or Anthem Highlands where they just built a brand new K-8 school. These locations offer access to great areas for both work, school, and play.
  • Community – Home builders are working to build true communities. What this means is that you will find great amenities like pools, parks, trails, recreational centers and even clubhouses where you can spend time with your family and get to know others in the community.
  • Future Savings – When you have a new home built for you, there are certain extras that come along with this option that you may not have thought about it. These extras include a warranty from the builder, no need to pay for a home warranty protection plan just in case something goes wrong. In addition, many buyers that purchase a new home, find that their insurance premiums are lower, this is thanks to the fact that your home is a much lower risk than an older home.
  • Timing – Many new home communities in Denver currently have a good inventory of homes that are ready to move-in too. This is perfect if you want a new home, aren’t too fussy about the finishes and need to move now. Other options include building from the ground up or lots that are in the process of being built on. You can choose an option that suits your timing needs.

So Why Work with A Realtor and Not the Community Sales Team?

There are a few reasons why you should pick a realtor before heading out to buy a new home.

  • Price – A real estate agent can pull comparisons for you that are similar to the new build you are looking to buy. We can guide you as to what a home in that area is really worth and make sure you aren’t paying over and above. We can also negotiate with the builders on your behalf.
  • Knowledge – There are a few realtors out there that have worked to make great relationships with builders, this is to your advantage. A realtor like myself who have taken the time to do this can help you find the right community and model to suit your needs. We have up to date inventory numbers and can help save you from having to walk through model after model.
  • Your Monitor – I have had many a client set an upgrade budget and then ask me to monitor it. Another thing I will do is be present at the design center and help you choose upgrades that will actually add value to your home in the future. I can also recommend whether an upgrade would be much cheaper if you did it once you have closed on your home.
  • Guidance – The process of having a new home built can often be draining and sometimes frustrating. You can make your realtor the go-to person and they can work with the sales team and the builder throughout the process to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.
  • A Professional On Your Side – When you work with the agent on site, they are working for the builder. Working with a realtor will ensure you that have someone on your side, taking care of your interest. To me, this is one of the most important reasons you should think about hiring a realtor before you even start looking.

When you hire a realtor to help you purchase a new home you can go into the process with more confidence. You should be aware that you as a buyer won’t have to pay the realtor, the builder will splitting the commission with the realtor. Therefore you are getting all the advice, support and knowledge a local realtor can bring without any extra cost to you!