Virtual House Tours

May 5, 2020

Virtual House Tours

There were quite a few realtors that were using virtual house tours prior to the virus popping up and forcing us to use a new way of business.  Virtual House Tours can be a great way to get a feel for a home before walking into it, especially true virtual tours with 360 degree capacity. These tours are awesome because you can basically pinpoint any corner of the home and get a closer look.  You can also see measurements for each room, measurements come up a lot with buyers when it is time to find bedrooms and living areas big enough for us to fit all of our beloved furniture in.  Video tours are great too as they allow you to get a perspective on certain things in the home that you can’t always get from photos alone!


Will Virtual House Tours Stick Around

I believe virtual House Tours will stick around once we go back to business as usual. They should be an integral part of our business as realtors and also an integral part of house hunting.  Here is why I think they should stick around.

Narrowing Down the Options – Virtual tours help buyers narrow down the options.  Rather than seeing 20 homes in one day, which let’s be honest can just leave you feeling more confused because who can remember each home clearly, virtual tours give you a sneak peek so that you can rule out those homes that you know just aren’t going to work for you.  This saves everyone’s time, buyers, sellers and agents.

Safer – I think if we have learnt anything from this virus it is just how quickly germs and viruses can spread.  I think we will see more sellers not wanting as many people coming through their homes at once.  I also think we will see the other side where buyers don’t want to be exposing themselves without the need too.

Looky Lou’s – Believe me we see a lot of Looky Lou’s and heaven forbid if I spelt that wrong, I am sorry in advance.  But yes, we see a lot of people that just think it is fun to go look at homes.  Whether it is to get decorating ideas, because they dream of being on HGTV or they are genuinely just nosy.  Virtual tours are a great way for Looky Lou’s to get their fill of seeing inside homes without having to step foot inside them!

Maybe the Real Estate Industry Has Learnt Something – Realtors can be old fashioned, they like to hold on to their old ways of doing business.  They get stuck in their ruts.  Upping our marketing as realtors is important and these 3D tours can help us do just that.  We have also learnt that a virus can come along and shut down showings and the “usual” way of doing business.  Having those virtual tours in place allows for alternate ways to view a home if a buyer can’t get in, whether it be because of a virus, they live out of state, or they don’t mind buying a home online.

I know from now on I will be doing virtual tours on all of my listings.  I was already using photo, video and drones so this is just another thing in my marketing pocket that will help my sellers get more money, in less time and with less hassle to them!

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