Spring Maintenance List for Your Home

April 9, 2019

Are you feeling those spring vibes.  Windows open, birds singing, things starting to green up?  Yep, it is likely we will get more snow here in Colorado but those wonderful sun filled warm days are a great time to get out and get your home ready for the upcoming warmer months

Get Your Denver Home Ready for Spring

Home Exterior

  • When Spring arrives it is a good idea to get out and inspect the exterior of your home. You will want to look for cracks or damage to your home’s siding or stucco. Cracks can let moisture in and cause damage to your home.
  • You will also want to check the roof, can you see shingles that are missing or damaged, is there new water stains on the tiles? You can have a professional come and check your roof, many of them will give you a free inspection and estimate of any work that needs to be completed.
  • Check around your home’s windows. Look for any visible leaks or damage that looks like it could let water in.
  • If you have a chimney inspect it for cracks or damage. If there is greenery growing out of your chimney, you may have water leaking into the chimney, if this is the case get a professional to look at it as soon as possible.


  • You are going to want to turn that AC system on soon enough. It is a good idea to have maintenance done by a professional this will make sure your system is running efficiently and it is safe.
  • Change the air filter out so the filter can do its work keeping allergens out of your home.
  • Now is a great time to give your home a really good clean. Don’t forget those hidden areas like on top of the ceiling fan, cupboards, baseboards and under the bed.
  • Clean your windows both inside and out to let the most light in and get rid of the winter dreariness.
  • Now it’s time to check your plumbing. Check faucets and your toilets for leaks and if you have slow flowing drains now is the time to clear them out or have them cleared out by a professional.
  • Your attic should also be checked. Critters tend to camp out over the winter months. You want to make sure none have taken hold of your attic. Also shine a flashlight around and make sure no mold build up started over the winter months.

Your Garden and Patio

  • Check your patio for any warping, cracking, settling or damage. If you find any major issues you may want to call in the handyman or deck specialist now before they get busy.
  • Rake any debris off your lawn and gardens. Leaving it there could suffocate the new growth trying to spring up.
  • When the ground has thawed start preparing garden beds for spring planting.
  • Clean off patio furniture and replace any old rusted out pieces. It is also a great time to clean off the grill if you haven’t used it all winter like we do 🙂
  • Do you have any other spring tips?  I would love to hear about them, leave me a message or comment or check out my facebook page.

Haley Bartlett is a realtor in the North Denver area, if you are looking to sell your Denver home this Spring, give Haley a call at 303 945 6092