Single Family Homes vs Condo/Townhome Style Living

June 1, 2021

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We started our married live in a townhome, bought a single family home, went back to an apartment/condo and townhome when moving to Thornton and then purchased a single family home here in Frederick.  We have lived it all. From the small to the bigger of it, we have done it.  I know for our family we enjoyed the different aspects of all the options, the pool at the apartments, the open shared grassy spaces that we didn’t have to take care of in the townhome but we sure do enjoy having our own space do to as we wish with best!

Many home buyers and even sellers aren’t clear on the differences between a townhome, condo or single family home.   What makes one better than the other and why does one appear more affordable then the other but can leave your monthly payment looking the same.

Whether you live in a condo/townhome now and you need more space, or you are first time homebuyers and are thinking about what will suit your needs and budget, I hope the following article gives you some good information to chew on so you can help make the best decision for you.

Townhome/Condo Pros and Cons

Townhomes and condos can be very different in their own rights but for the purpose of this article we will group them together. Generally townhomes and condo’s are attached dwellings.  They will likely have at least one of the following shared items; walls, floors, ceilings, garage walls. Townhome owners usually own the land which the house is situated on while condo owners don’t.


  • Less Maintenance on the outside of the attached dwellings.
  • Common spaces that are cared for.
  • Can be more affordable (this depends on taxes and hoa fees)
  • Location wise you can find them in more urban type areas.
  • More shared amenities.


  • Monthly HOA fees can be high and in some cases your monthly payment may end up being the same as a single family home.
  • There are many condo/townhome buildings that do not accept FHA/VA loans.
  • You have attached wall with others.
  • The outside of your townhome/condo  may never truly be yours to do as you wish with. Many townhome/condo HOA’s have strict rules when it comes to patios/decks/siding/windows.
  • Your home value increases are never as good on a condo/townhome as it is on a single family home.


Single Family Home Pros and Cons

Single family homes are detached homes, they may still have a HOA but usually fees are more affordable, however the HOA doesn’t cover as much as it would in a townhome/condo community.


  • You don’t have shared walls/floors/ceilings.
  • You have more control over your home both inside and outside and the changes you can make to your home (you may still have a HOA with rules).
  • Location wise single family homes are in more suburban areas.
  • You will generally have more space/better layout choices in a single family home.
  • When you go to sell your home you will get more for a single family home then a townhome/condo.
  • Most homes are open to FHA/VA loans.
  • You have your own yard areas to do as you wish with.


  • You will likely have to take care of your own outdoor maintenance.
  • The upfront price of a home is more than a townhome/condo.
  • Single Family home communities may not have as many amenities as a condo building or townhome community.

Should You Buy a Townhome/Condo or a Single Family Home

If you are looking for less maintenance and more convenience in a more urban setting then townhomes/condo style living may be right for you.

If you are looking for a home where you can make changes/ enjoy more outdoor space and live in a more suburban type setting then a single family home may be right for you.

Not sure which one might suit you and your budget best?  Let’s have a discovery call and chat more about your lifestyle and which option may suit your best!


If you are looking to move up to a single family home, buy or sell a single family home or know anyone that might be looking to buy or sell in Adams or Weld Counties, I would love to chat moreYou can book a time to chat with me here or refer your family and friends by sending them a link to my website.