Should I Buy a House In Denver 2018 – Buyer Case Study!

November 6, 2018

I love working with both buyers and sellers to help them get the most from their real estate transactions.  When I mean the most it is not just about money, although that is the case with part of this case study.  It is about what they want or need in a transaction.

Check out the video below for the quick synopsis or keep scrolling 🙂

Homes for Sale Denver, CO – Case Study – Instant Equity

Our buyers Suzy and  T.J were looking to buy a family home up in the Bailey/Conifer/Pine areas.  This was their first home and they were looking for something with a commute that was around an hour that would provide a great place to grow a family in a quieter environment.

As a team, we worked together to get Suzy and T.J pre-approved so that they were in the best position to beat out other offers.  They were great to get the mortgage paperwork to us quickly so that we could put them through the full approval process and be ready to market their offer as a team with both the lender and realtor.

Suzy and T.J first filled out the online loan application. This gives Bob a quick overview of what is going on. Bob the lender then met with them to find out their goals, give them some information on what their next steps should be and work out the best plan for their unique financial and personal situation.

Thanks to the fact that we had all of their information up front we were ready to market the Suzy and T.J to sellers.

We went out for a day and looked at 7 homes. It was a tough decision as out of those 7, there were 3 that Suzy and T.J really loved. They had a tough decision to make but we talked through the facts, advantages, and disadvantages of each property and let them decide which home was going to work best for them.

I called the realtor who had the home listed to find out what was going on.  There was another offer on the table so we talked a little about that and I talked my clients up before getting off the phone to write an offer.

We wrote an offer at asking price as my conversation with the other realtor revealed that this was the right choice at this time.  Along with a full price offer, we offered a closing date that matched the seller’s needs and a fully approved loan package.  All we needed was an inspection and an appraisal.  Together Bob the Lender and I called the listing agent and sold our clients story to the listing agent.

Our first offer was accepted and we jumped on the train to the next part of the process.

The inspection was easy, our clients were purchasing a nice solid house that was fairly new and really didn’t have a lot of issues. There were a couple of small things that we asked to be fixed just so that my client didn’t have to worry about when they moved in.

The appraisal process was next and this is where a big part of the joy came in with this transaction.  When we received appraisal we were all pretty darn happy, the appraisal came in over $20,000 above what my clients were paying for the home. THIS IS UNHEARD OF IN THE DENVER AREA!  OVER $20,000 IN INSTANT EQUITY!

In the end, we closed on time, my clients went into their beautiful new mountain home with instant equity and are very happy with their new life.

Here are the key points to this transaction!

  • Suzy and T.J contacted us for more information
  • They did their homework so that they were ready to go out in the field with a full pre-approval.
  • We were looking for a single family home.
  • It took 6 showings and 3-4 hours to find 3 homes my clients loved.
  • We followed up with the listing agent to get ideas and start telling the story.
  • We sold our clients to the listing agent and seller.
  • We submitted a clean offer that was ready to go.
  • Offer Accepted.
  • Over $20,000 in instant equity with a high appraisal.
  • A smooth road to closing on time.
  • Happy Clients with instant equity in their home!

Your Turn to Buy a Home in Denver?

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