Dealing With Offers

So I Have Offers, What Do I Do Now?

Your anxiety about getting people through your home has lifted, unless you hired the wrong agent that is!  If you hired the right agent then you may have some offers on the table.  If you are in a hot market then you may have multiple offers, so what do you do next?  You may be feeling anxious about choosing the right offer and getting what you need out of the sale of your home.

We have worked with many sellers that have received multiple offers. When we talk multiple offers, some of these sellers have received up to 30 offers on their home!  We aren’t strangers to handling multiple offers and helping you sort through them!

Here is a review from one of our sellers

“Haley helped us with both the purchase of our new build in Erie and the sale of our home in Thornton. Her knowledge, expertise and network of resources is unparalleled. This experience was so smooth, even with the complications of a simul-close. With her guidance, we were under contract on our existing home four days after listing at $11k over asking! We’re so happy in our new home and we gained some incredible friends in the process! Thanks Haley, this wouldn’t have been the same without you!”


Offers, Offers, Offers

Looking at offers we are looking at more than just price, we are also assessing the following.

  • Buyers Terms
  • Buyers Preapproval and Lender
  • Choice
  • Inclusions and Exclusions
  • Buyers Loan Terms
  • Dates and Deadlines Suggested by Buyer
  • The Contract as a Whole

When you receive an offer it is not legally binding until you agree to the terms and sign the offer.  You may also choose to counter the offer if the terms aren’t quite what you need.  In that case we will skip signing the contract, send a counter and nothing will be legally binding until that counter is signed.

You may be nervous about navigating multiple offers, how do you keep up with them all and know what is best?

How We Handle Offers

As we receive offers we will look at each one carefully assessing the above for each offer.  We will send you offers as they come in highlighting the good and bad of each other.  As the offers come in you can get a feel for what offers you like and which ones may not suit exactly what you are looking for.  You can respond to us as we send you each offer or we can set a deadline and wait until all offers are in.  We will create a spreadsheet to keep a track of each offer and make it easier to see the pros and cons of each one.

Once you have decided on the offer you wish to accept we will either sign or counter the offer.

If you feel anxious about choosing the best offer and are concerned that you are missing out on key details in each offer, don’t fear, our process ensures that you have all the information you need to choose the best offer. We will be here to guide you through it!

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