Selling Your Home in Denver – How Much Will You Actually Get?

January 30, 2018


So I am sure you have seen the multitude of real estate ads floating around that promised you a Free Comparative Market Analysis, while those can be great, they don’t really give you a true idea of what your home sale proceeds will be after all is said and done.

Just like most things, there are costs involved with selling your home and those costs will affect the bottom line of your home sale proceeds.

Home Sale Proceeds – Whats Included

Here is a general idea of what you can expect to pay when selling your home in Colorado

Title Fees – When selling a home in Denver most sellers will be paying the title fees. These can vary depending on what title company you use.

HOA Dues and Transfer Fees – Many HOA’s charge transfer fees to transfer the HOA account from your name to the new buyer’s name. This can go either way depending on the buyer’s contract written on your home.

Water/Electricity/Gas Proration – You will need to pay for these for the days of the month you were in possession of your home.

Payoff – You will have to pay off your current mortgage amount at closing.

County Taxes – Taxes in most counties are paid in arrears so are your responsibility, they will also prorate and taxes that were your responsibility for the current year.

Credit to Buyers – If during the escrow process you agree to credit the buyer these credits will also be paid out at closing.

Commissions – Don’t forget to account for the commission and remember these commissions are split between buyer and sellers agent.

Want to Know How Much Money Might End up In Your Bank Account?


If you are wondering how much your bank account would actually see after selling your home, contact me! Let’s chat and get you an estimated net sheet so that you can understand how much cash would actually end up in your bank account!