Selling Your Denver Home – The Most Important Thing

May 21, 2021


i Gang,

We all know what kind of market we are in here in our area and pretty much across Colorado. Even areas like Pueblo and East out towards Kansas are seeing home prices rise and rise.

So what is really important in a Hot Sellers Market?

As a seller, it is getting you THE ABSOLUTE MOST MONEY, taking absolute advantage of this crazy market.

Just about any agent right now can sell your home, take a few pictures, get it on the market and get it sold fast.  Some will still get you over asking with the least amount of effort too but choosing a sub par realtor thinking it will save you money in a sellers market can actually COST YOU MONEY.

Not choosing the right agent can leave you leaving money on the table and who want’s to do that when you could be taking advantage of this incredible sellers market right now. You could be squeezing every last dollar and cent out of the market so that you walk away with a nice fat check.

Sure a cut rate realtor could save you a few thousand but let me tell you a tip from the inside. When any good realtor sees a cut rate realtor on the other side they jump for joy?  Why?

  • We know we can get our clients a deal.
  • We know we can be aggressive in inspections and appraisals and the other agent likely won’t coach their sellers to push back.  Why should they, they are too busy churning and burning to make a decent wage.
  • We know that even though we are going to have to fight to get them on the phone (especially on the weekend) that when we push through and get the wins, our buyers are so appreciative.

I have seen many a seller choose a cut rate realtor or flat fee realtor only to be raked through the coals and be mad at the closing table because they ended up paying out more than they could have saved.


On top of that you get experience, you get the best marketing, you get an agent that cares about making the process smooth for their client and an agent that values each and every transaction (rather then just trying to get through them and on to the next one).

I am here to get you the absolute most money, I am here to lift the burden of selling, I am here to make the process smooth and I am here to see you smile at the closing table.

Let’s not leave money on the table, let’s talk now……