Seller Net Sheet

February 25, 2020


When you are selling your home or even just thinking of selling your home it is always good to know what those upfront costs are likely to look like.  Today’s post and video is one of those tools you can use to work out if selling your home is advantageous at this point.

Seller Net Sheet

The seller net sheet is a great tool that you can get from your realtor to help you work out the costs involved with selling your home and help you plan for the process.  It breaks down costs and gives you an ESTIMATE of what your net profit will be once your home is sold.

Here are some things that you will find on the Seller Net Sheet. These will vary depending on your unique situation and what state you currently live in.

  • Listing or Sale Price of Your Home
  • Property Taxes Due
  • HOA Fees Due
  • HOA Transer Fees
  • Title or Legal Costs
  • Concessions Given to Buyer
  • Realtor Fees
  • Water Transfer Fees

Some of these fees may change during the transaction and your realtor should find it easy enough to rework the net sheet for you.  You will also get one from Title if you are a title state, towards the end of the transaction.

Here is a video that explains a little more about the Net Sheet!  Don’t forget to follow my YouTube channel!!!

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