Moving to Denver Podcast – Denver Schools

July 22, 2019

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Check out the latest episode of the moving to Denver Podcast.  We tackle Denver Schools and the different options you have when looking at schools when buying a home, Denver CO or moving to Denver.

Denver School Options

In this episode we tackle:

Denver School Districts

Denver Boundary Schools

Denver Charter Schools

Denver Choice School Options

Denver Private School Options

There are many different school choices in Denver and navigating them can be tricky.  In Australia we just went to our neighborhood school.  We didn’t have all of these other options.  I feel that Illinois school districts were probably the same way.

Here in Denver there are more choices and it can be hard to navigate these choices.

Denver Boundary Schools – Check out the district boundary maps to find out what your boundary school is.  Take a tour and see what you think, then go ahead and check out school rating websites.

Denver Choice School Options – Some schools open up to choice. This means you can try and get your child into a different school than your boundary school during the choice school option period.  Choice schools depend on how many spaces they have in a certain school.

Denver Charter Schools – Charter schools tend to specialize in different education areas.  This may include gifted and talented, STEM Schools Denver, STEAM schools Denver, Language Immersion schools Denver etc.  These schools run on a lottery method.  Usually family members are let in first, then they pick a certain amount of children lottery style, in boundary have first option.

Denver Private Schools – There are a few different private school options throughout the Denver area.  These include catholic, christian and different educational options in the private sector.

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