Moving to Denver Advice

December 19, 2019

Moving to Denver Advice

If you are moving to Denver there are some things you should know.  These things come up often with people that have just moved here or replies to people looking for moving to Denver advice.

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  • Dry Air – Denver has dry air and if you have moved from a humid place it can be a difficult adjustment. You will notice cracked skin, dry lips and sometimes your sinuses will feel off because they are so dry.  You will want a humidifier at least in your bedroom and to drink a ton of water when you first move here.
  • Layers Are Your Friend –  The weather can change quickly here, especially in the winter months.  Layers are your friends.  You may need gloves and a beanie in the morning and a t-shirt in the afternoon.  Likewise because of our dry air if you are out after dark in Summer you may want a light jacket as temps can drop.
  • Sunscreen is Important –  We are closer to the sun here in Denver and that can make the sun brutal at times.  If you have pale skin like me you will need sunscreen!
  • Snow Driving – You will have to drive in the snow here, it will happen, some winters it happens often!  Be sure to learn how to drive in the snow, have good snow tires when winter hits and take it slow.
  • Traffic –  Traffic can be a pain here in Denver, especially along I-25.  Rush hour can seem never ending on weekdays and then in winter months you hit ski traffic on the weekends.  Be sure to keep an eye on traffic patterns and when the weather turns give yourself extra time to get to work/school or wherever you need to go!
  • Child Care –  Child care wait lists are long here so plan ahead!  Child care is also said to be more expensive here in the Denver area then other areas across the country.  Check out my Denver Relocation Guide for more info on this!
  • Schools – The school system can be tricky here as their are several options.  From going to your neighborhood school, to opting into another school or choosing a charter school, it is good to have someone on your side to help you navigate this process.

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