Longmont CO – Things to know before moving here

November 17, 2020

Longmont CO is a great place to live but like all towns there may be things you have no clue about.  If you are thinking of moving to Longmont Co you may want to know these things, they may even change your minds about living here. If you would rather skip all the word and just watch the video…..  scroll on down.

Longmont CO

Longmont can be a great place to live whether you work in Denver and are looking for a little peace and quiet, you are thinking or relocating for out of state, you are looking for a family friendly town or you are looking to retire. So what are these things I think you should know about Longmont CO?

  • It is split between 2 counties, Weld and Boulder. Both counties are very different in their stances on things!
  • It is not as rural as people usually think, while there are still some rural spots on the outskirts Longmont is a busy spot with plenty of traffic.
  • It can be windy!!! Like dust storm windy sometimes.
  • There are spots where Fracking is heavier than other, this is generally a Weld County vs Boulder County thing in Longmont.
  • Lots of Bald Eagle Spotting, some coyote spotting and every now and then a bear or two.  Oh and the geese.  Blach
  • Longmont was once a sundowner town and has a history with white supremacy.

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