Is Frederick CO a good place to live

August 22, 2019



I live in Frederick CO and I can tell you there is a lot of growth going on in our small town right now.  The tri town area encompasses Frederick, Dacono and Firestone and while we have see dips or stabilization in prices and sales in Firestone and Dacono, Frederick has continued to have a healthy and hot real estate market.

Yes these towns are right next to each other but there is a reason Frederick stands out to many people when they are looking in the North or Denver area!

Is Frederick CO a good place to live

I can speak from experience here.  We were living in Thornton CO for 6 years before we decided to make the move 15 – 2o minutes north of Thornton.  We looked in Firestone and Frederick but Frederick appealed to us for many different reasons. Let’s look at some of the reasons why people choose Frederick CO as their new home.

Small Town Feel – Even though Frederick is growing it is maintaining it’s smaller town feel. Part of this is because of it’s central downtown area. The history of the downtown area is a fun read and to see some of those buildings still standing and having thriving businesses in them is awesome.  The downtown area has been revitalized and has continue to grow.  Right now there are a few restaurants including Georgia Boys BBQ, Peel Pizza, Bash’s Pizza and Butcher and the Blonde.  Peel and

Georgia Boys both have full bars but if you are looking for some good beer or coffee then Mountain Cowboy is the place to be!

Festivals – The festivals also help with the small town feel in Frederick CO.  Frederick has some great unique festivals including Miners Day, Chainsaws and Chuckwagons (one of my favorites and you can see the wood sculptures all over town), and the once a month farmers markets with live music, food trucks and vendors.  Christmas is also a fun time to be in town!

Things to Do in Frederick CO – In addition to our great festivals and downtown area we also have great parks and playgrounds, an amazing rec center, the regional library close bye in Firestone, some great gyms and regular programs put on by the rec center, library and other local organizations.

Neighborhoods in Frederick CO – Frederick offers a range of housing options although at this time we do not have any apartment complexes in town.  We do have manufactured home parks (one of the nicest in the area with a pool and clubhouse), original homes from when the town became a mining town and miners needed places to live, a couple of mid century modern gems, new neighborhoods with great sized homes for larger families and everything in between.   Most neighborhoods have a neighborhood park/playground or are not far from one and most have an elementary school close bye. We live in the heart of the downtown area and I love being able to walk to everything. There are great choices in Frederick no matter what your preference is when it comes to housing and it is cheaper than those suburbs closer to Denver.

Employment – Being a small town, big employers are in short demand.  There are jobs at restaurants, breweries, grocery stores and smaller businesses.  The good news is that employment is not far away.  Some of the main hubs like Boulder, Broomfield, Denver and even Fort Collins are a reasonably easy commute. United Power just opened their second lot of offices 2 minutes down the road in Firestone so movement is happening there.

Schools – Frederick falls into the St Vrain Valley School District and offers several choices for elementary.  Middle schools either zone into Thunder Valley K-8 or Coal Ridge and these feed into Frederick Middle School. There are also charter options close by that run on a lottery system if demand is too high.  We have had a good experience with the school system thus far.

How Far is Frederick from Denver

As Denver and surrounding suburbs housing prices have risen more people have explored further out into the towns North of Denver.  Frederick has become one of the focus towns of these people that have to do the commute each day into downtown Denver.  So How far is Frederick From Denver?  Around 40 minutes and that is with traffic (because there is usually always traffic now).

So Is Frederick CO a Good Place to Live?

Why not come check it out for yourself and if you need a good realtor that knows the area like the back of her hand, Contact me!!!