How Do You Get Your Home Ready to Sell with Kids

June 9, 2021


Many of my clients are families with kids and many of them have the same anxiety about selling a home.  How the heck do you get a home ready and keep a home ready to show?  How do you make sure your home doesn’t look like a cluttered mess so that you can get the most money for your home while surviving and keeping your family sane.



How Do You Get Your Home Ready to Sell with Kids 

Getting your home ready with all the toys and daily things you need for your kids can seem so overwhelming.  You probably look at pictures of homes on the market and wonder how they look so shiny and perfect.  How could your home possibly look like that? How can you make sure your baby gets naps, your school kids have a calm place after school and how can you continue to work while you are getting a home ready?

Good news is, it is possible and the process can be simplified so that it is not so stressful. Here are some things my clients with kids have done in the past when selling their homes.

  • Go through the toys and let your kids pick out 2-3 that they currently play with and want easy access too.
  • Take the rest of the toys and place them in buckets or some kind of storage, these can go in the garage or crawlspace during photos and showings.
  • Set up a playroom or play corner that will show well in photos or during showings.  You can easily clean and contain the mess when needed yet still let your kids use this space outside of these times
  • For photos and showings remove the large clutter, things like high chairs, play pens, change stations etc.  Remember this is just for photos and showings and in our current market showings can be done in one weekend and photos are a 2 hour window.
  • Remove clutter off the floor in bedrooms and living areas.
  • Make sure walls are clean, if there are drawings, stickers, boogers (let’s face it kids are gross), you may need to clean and repaint the walls prior to listing.
  • Clean the carpets throughout your home, once again kid’s can be gross.
  • Make sure your yard is cleaned up and ride on toys etc. are either stored in the garage or placed in one corner rather then scattered all over the yard.



These tips can really help get your home photo and show ready.  Once your home is decluttered and simplified it is easier to make it shine so that you can get the most for your home.

How Do You Survive Showing Your Home with Kids

Showing your home is often a major stressor when my clients think about selling their homes.  How can they maintain it all with people coming in and out all of the time.

The good news is in our current market you can basically show your home Friday through Sunday and have offers in hand by the end of showings on Sunday.  That means you only have to get your home ready and keep it ready over the weekend.  Most sellers find it easier to leave the home during the day or for the weekend.  Here is something I can help with, I can help you have a fun weekend away with your family while your home is being shown.  You can leave on the Friday afternoon/evening if you are working on Friday, enjoy 2 nights away (close to home or within a couple of hours) then come home Sunday and relax knowing your home has offers and hopefully no more showings.

To truly help out, I am offering to pay for 2 nights at a hotel for your family while your home is on the market. This only applies if you list your home with me (Up to $400 for the 2 nights, I will book the hotel and you just need to go and relax).  Just mention this blog post!

Listing Your Home with Kids and Getting the Most Money

Listing your home with kids can be daunting but I am here to help you each step of the way.  My goal is to get you the most money for your home while keeping your stress levels down, making it a more joyous experience then you might imagine it can be.

Let’s chat today about listing your families home so that you can take advantage of my knowledge, help getting your home show ready and enjoying a weekend away while I help you sell your home!


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