Home Inspection Tips for Buyers

October 11, 2019


Home Inspection Tips for Buyers

If you are buying a home there are many parts you may be nervous about. The home inspection is likely one of those areas. Hopefully, these tips and guidelines will help you navigate the home inspection easier so that you can take some of that stress off your plate and enjoy the home buying process.

Home Inspection for Buyers – What You Need to Know

  1. Have a Home Inspection – Whether you are buying the home contingent on the inspection or you have decided to buy the house without asking for anything, you still want to have a home inspection on your home.
  2. Choose a Reputable Inspector – Be sure to choose an inspector with a good reputation.  Ask your realtor for recommendations. If they are a good realtor they will have worked with different inspectors and already weeded out the not so great ones.
  3. Understand What Your Inspection Period is For – Be sure to clarify with your realtor what that inspection period is for. If you saw things when looking at the house that you didn’t love, like say a broken fence, and you figure you will just ask for it at inspection. That is not what inspection is for!  Inspection is for things you may not be able to see or do not have the expertise to judge.Those are my 3 main tips!!  Some other things to keep in mind, be at the inspection if you can and be sure to ask the inspector if there are concerns you noticed while looking at the house.

Your Inspection Report

Now that you have the inspection report be sure to read it carefully!  Look over each section and think about the things you are willing to take on also think about if this is the right house for you.

Focus on things like health and safety issues or things that should be addressed straight away.  You will likely have a  list of things that may need to be addressed in the distant future, or low risk maintenance things that need to be taken care.  For the most part you will only want to focus on those urgent issues that may prevent your from living in and being safe in the home.

Also think about any big ticket items that may need to be fixed in the next 5 years, will you want to fix those and do you think you will be able to afford to fix those things in the future.

If there is anything you don’t understand, please call the inspector and ask!!

Inspection Issues

So you have decided on the things that you want to ask the seller for.  Now it’s time to submit these objections to the seller and see what the sellers come back with.  This is one of those times in your home buying process that you will likely negotiate back and forward.  The sellers may come back and say they are willing to do everything or they may say they are willing to do nothing.  Have your realtor negotiate back and forwards until you are either happy with the resolution or you realize that you need to take a step back from the home.


Once you have settled on a resolution and are moving forward on the home be sure your realtor tracks the progress of the sellers to get the agreed upon things completed.  Be sure that these things are completed before closing and if needed have them reinspected.

For more information on home inspection tip for buyers, catch the video below or contact me via my contact form, I am always happy to help!