Denver Free Days January 2019

December 30, 2018

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Denver Free Days – January

Here is the list of your Denver Free Days for January 2019 – See Free Day Tips Below

  • January 4th – Museo de  las Americas
  • January 5th – Denver Art Museum Free Day
  • January 8th – Children’s Museum  4 – 8 pm
  • January 8th – Denver Botanical Gardens Chatfield Free Day
  • January 10th – Denver Zoo Free Day
  • January 11th – Four Mile Historic Park
  • January 12th – City of Longmont Museum Free Day
  • January 17th – Denver Museum of Nature and Science Free Day
  • January 21st – National Parks Free Day
  • January 24th – Clyfford Still Museum

Denver Free Day Tips

Ask around about Denver Free Days and you may hear that people try to avoid these days because of the crowds. Here are a few ways you can enjoy Denver Free Days while possibly beating the crowds out.

  • Arrive Early (even 15-20 minutes before the attraction opens)
  • Pack Snacks and Lunch (avoid long lines at concession stands/cafes)
  • Have a Plan (think about the things you and your kiddos might really want to see and hit those first)
  • Hit the Free Days when kids are still in school (weekend and holidays will bring the busiest free day crowds)


Be sure to come back next month for your Denver Free Days – February list.