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It’s Time to go Home Shopping

Watching shows like HGTV can make home shopping look really easy.  I mean you look at 3 properties, choose one and then you buy it, right?!?

Maybe you understand that what you see on TV isn’t always the truth. Maybe you watch those shows and wonder why they seem to make the wrong choice or maybe you are more nervous then these buyers seem to be on TV?

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes my buyers do only look at 3 homes and find the right one, heck sometimes they only look at 1 home and know. Often it takes a little longer to fight the right home!

I know when we were looking we only looked at 5 homes but we had spent a lot of time narrowing down what was important to us.  We had our needs list and knew exactly what price range we needed to be in for our monthly payment to leave us feeling ok about this huge purchase.

We have processes and steps in place to help make the home search a lot less painless. This helps you not waste your time and enables you to feel confident in your choices.




The Home Search Process

Like I said, we have processes in place to help make your home search a little less painless, a little less stressful and a little more fun!  Here is what you can expect from us during the home search process.

  • We will make sure you have a solid mortgage preapproval in place so you know what your budget is.
  • We will work together to put together a needs vs wants list.
  • We will discuss with you certain things like renovation/home upgrade limits.
  • We will help you to set realistic expectations in terms of how much you want to afford and what you can get for that price.
  • We will hook you up with great aps to help you search for homes at any time of the day.
  • We will put a call out to our realtor friends to see what they have coming on the market.
  • We will send you any homes that we think match what you are looking for.
  • We will discuss your choices before we head out. We will look at things like neighborhoods, traffic patterns, anything that stands out as an issue. We will do this prior to making a short list of homes to see.

Viewing properties should never be a frustrating ordeal. It’s our job to help make the process easy and productive for you, so you can find the right home for the right time!


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