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Buying a home here in Colorado right now can be a stressful experience and perhaps you have heard horror stories from friends and family about how competitive our market is.  Being fully prepared can help take you from feeling nervous and fearful to getting you the right home for right now!

One of the most important first steps to help you feel prepared in the home buying process is to get a solid pre approval from a local lender!  Yes, not all pre-approvals are the same.

I had one home buyer get a preapproval from a big nation wide lender, you may have seen their ads on TV.  We proceeded with going under contract on a home with this lender only to find out that my buyer really didn’t qualify with them.  We were only a week out from closing when we got this news!!  Lucky for my buyer, I know some of the best in the business and we were able to switch her over and get her their dream home on time!!

Here is a review from one of my clients that had lending issues!

“Haley was absolutely phenomenal. To begin with, we weren’t sure the area we wanted to be in (we looked from Colorado Springs to Windsor). Then, once we went under contract, Haley was the only reason we didn’t lose our earnest money. Our lender was dragging there feet, and she finally talked my husband into switching lenders. With her assistance, and her preferred lender, we were able to accomplish more in 5 business days than the previous lender had done in almost 30. Haley truly went above & beyond.”




Why Get Preapproved?

Here is why you want to get preapproved.

  • It Lets You Know How Much You Can Actually Afford
  • You Can Work Out a Monthly Payment that Will Work for Your Budget
  • In Our Zoomy Fast Market There is No Use Looking at Homes without a Preapproval
  • It Takes Away Some of the Anxiety, We Know How Much You Can Afford and Can Set Realistic Goals

As you can see from my example above, not all lenders are the same!!  You want a lender that you can communicate with and who will communicate well with your realtor.  You want a lender that will walk you through your mortgage options and give you a plan if things can be improved on to get you where you want to be.  You want a lender that you feel confident discussing different options with. You want a lender that will get you to the closing table and get you your right home for right now!

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