Buying a Home in Denver – Getting the Best Deal

April 1, 2019



Are you done with renting?  I get it.  We rented for 5 years in the Denver are before finally buying a home.  I hated paying someone else and not being able to make my home my own.  We bought a new home a year ago and have already built equity, so much better!

See, buying a home just doesn’t get you out of renting, there are other advantages. Hopefully this video and case study helps!


Meet Our Clients Morgan and William. They were first time home buyers.

We know that buying your first home can be a little stressful and sometimes feel overwhelming.  They were so grateful to have out team walking with them through each step and you can see from their video review that we provided a much smoother experience than they were expecting.

Here is how we helped them

First, Morgan and William got express loan approved with the wonderful lend Bob the Banker.  Bob is a vital part in helping my buyers get the best deal on their new homes. Check out these other key highlights:

  • They purchased their first home for just 10% down
  • No monthly mortgage insurance
  • Morgan and William were also able to shave 56 months off of their mortgage.
  • Ultimately Morgan and William are saving $58,000 in interest with our help.

Their first home came in under their budget! The transaction went smoothly. No surprises arose with unexpected fees. ASnd we got them into a home they love!! Does this sound good? Try the ULTIMATE Home Buying Experience for yourself.

You might be curious what we mean by the ULTIMATE Home Buying Experience. Basically, this program is one that was put together with myself and Bob Friel aka Bob the Banker. It helps keep our buyers in the know, getting a home they love and making it a smooth process!!

Sometimes seeing a real-life example helps put things into perspective. We hope this case study showed you that you can be a first-time homebuyer and save thousands just like Morgan and William while getting a home that YOU LOVE and possibly under your budget!

If you would like to start the process of purchasing a home, whether it be your first or fifth, I would love to chat with you to walk you through our unique program. You can make an appointment at the link below!