Best Schools in Denver Suburbs

May 2, 2019

When you are roaming on mom’s boards on Facebook or other sites where people ask questions about moving to Denver you tend to see the same questions pop up over and over again.  One of these has to do with the best schools in Denver Suburbs. I know why people ask this question over and over again, I have a middle school kiddo, I get it!  The problem is it is so subjective. There are a few questions to ask yourself or others to help get a clearer picture, I have listed them below.

Best Schools in Denver Suburbs

So what might be a best school to one parent might not mean the best school to another parent.  There are a few questions I like to answer to really help get an understanding of what you are looking for in a school.

  • Do you care about scores on sites like ?
  • If you do care about scores what range would you want your child’s school to fall in?
  • Are you looking for a certain curriculum or activities in the school?
  • What area will you be living in and how far would you want to drive your child each day?
  • Are charter or private schools an option?
  • Are you concerned more about the individual school or the school district as a whole?

Answering these questions honestly can help you get a better feel for what schools might be right for your kiddos.

Denver School Districts

We have quite a few school districts throughout the Denver area. There are definitely a few that stand out as popular with parents in the area!

  • Cherry Creek School District – This is by far one of the favorites.  It covers areas including SE Aurora, Littleton, Centennial and some parts of Denver.
  • Boulder Valley School District – Covering Boulder and surrounding towns this school district also has a good reputation with parents.
  • Adams 12 – Covering areas withing Thornton, Westminster, and Broomfield, Adams 12 has a good name in the North Denver area.  They offer different programs and charter schools to help you find a fit for you kiddo.

Every school district is going to have its great and not so great schools.  It is finding the right fit for you and your family that is important.

The first thing to do is work out where you will be living. Look into your neighborhood school first, take a walk through the school and talk to some of the staff, if it doesn’t feel like a good fit then start looking at other options.

If school is of the utmost important and is the top priority on your list then do this in reverse and find the school you want to be at first then look at the neighborhoods that feed into that school.  Always do a tour of the school first if possible, a school may look great on paper but once you get inside and see the inner workings it may not end up the perfect fit.

How I Can Help

If you would like to dig in a little more and get more specific on how your budget, workplace, neighborhood needs will fit in with school choices I would love to chat more. Once we have discussed your options I can help you narrow down choices to specific schools. You can text me at 303 945 6092 or use the contact form here on my website!