Denver Real Estate Market – Correction

So two weeks ago I did a podcast episode on what the denver real estate market could do in 2020.  Well friends, so far I was wrong.  The market has accelerated all of a sudden, the part I was spot on about was that this is only happening in certain ...

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Winter in Denver

A lot of people have ideas about what winter in Denver will look like.  A lot of the time that is snowy and cold all winter long.  Kind of far from the truth when it comes to what we actually see in Denver. Winter in Denver Winters in Denver can ...

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Denver Housing Market 2020 – Moving to Denver Podcast

Everyone wants to know what is going to happen in the Denver Housing Market 2020.  After years after rush, rush, rush and high equity building the Denver market looks like it is due to head into a more sustainable pattern. Denver Housing Market 2020 Are we in a buyers market ...

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