Zillow Denver – Zillow Zestimate Can You Trust It?

This question comes up a lot both in conversations and at listing appointments. Everyone knows the name Zillow and a lot of people use Zillow to look at properties.  Another feature of Zillow that people tend to look at is the Zillow Zestimate. Can You Rely on the Zillow Zestimate? ...

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Moving to Denver – What You Should Know!

Moving to Denver, What You Should Know! I am what you would call a transplant although some people have said to me that if I have lived here longer than 5 years then I am no longer called that. Everyone knows I am a transplant as soon as I speak, ...

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Denver Halloween Events

It is nearly that time of year again and there is always so much fun to be had across the Denver area for Halloween and the weeks leading up.  We know you don’t want to miss a Halloween event (for many of us it is the most wonderful time of ...

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