Looking to move beyond the walls of your current home?

Whether you are renting or looking to sell and purchase your next home, moving beyond the walls of your current home can be a daunting task.

I work with buyers and sellers to help them get more space, find the right community, move beyond the shared walls they have in their current home, specializing in detached or single family homes in Adams and Weld Counties.

SellersAre you looking to get more space, looking to move on to the next steps in your life,  CLICK HERE to find out how we can help you move through the what ifs, how can I’s and barriers that stop you from moving up and on!

BuyersNeeding something more from your current home?  Perhaps you need more space, less shared walls, better access to schools and parks or less maintenance and more time to live!  CLICK HERE to find out how we can help you find the right home for right now!

Want to know more about what I can offer to you when buying or selling a detached/single family home in Adams or Weld Counties?  Then you are in the right place, don’t wait, let’s chat today!






6 Signs that It Is The Right Time to Move Your Family

Getting attached to the home you are living in now is oh so human.  Memories are built, traditions are started, foundations are layed.  I know we have certainly got attached to where we live now.  However, sometimes there are signs telling you that this current home just may not be ...

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How Do You Get Your Home Ready to Sell with Kids

Many of my clients are families with kids and many of them have the same anxiety about selling a home.  How the heck do you get a home ready and keep a home ready to show?  How do you make sure your home doesn’t look like a cluttered mess so ...

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The Problem with “Stuff”

The late comedian George Carlin used to have a routine called, “A place for my stuff.” He was referring to the idea that, besides being a place to sleep and eat, the purpose of a home is essentially to store all the stuff you accumulate over the years. That may or ...

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Single Family Homes vs Condo/Townhome Style Living

We started our married live in a townhome, bought a single family home, went back to an apartment/condo and townhome when moving to Thornton and then purchased a single family home here in Frederick.  We have lived it all. From the small to the bigger of it, we have done ...

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